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Singapore Pre-War Shophouse Renovation

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This amazing Singapore pre-war shophouse was renovated by RichardHO Architects. A shophouse is a low-rise building common for Southeast Asia. The main goal for the architects was to recreate the house’s layout to suit a modern lifestyle. The kitchen and bathrooms were originally tucked into the back of the building so the architects wanted to bring living, dining and kitchen areas together. At the same time they wanted to preserve the “hierarchy of space so central to the design of pre-war shop house”.

Shophouse Renovation In Singapore

Singapore Pre-War Shophouse

Singapore pre-war shophouse enhanced with a koi pond

Luxury Minimalism

The house features minimalist style but not without a touch of luxury. Wooden finishes contrast with glossy surfaces while the glass railings make for an airy look. All the floors are clad in dark wood while the ceiling also features dark wooden beams that contrast with the neutral color scheme of the interior.

Koi Pond

Koi ponds are common outdoor water features but here the pond is built right into the floor in the middle of the room. Such a bold move makes the interior really attractive. The Koi pond can be seen from above thanks to airy minimalist staircase.

Covered Outdoor Terrace

The house also features a covered outdoor terrace, which seems to have a bathroom hidden behind gray stone walls next to it. The house’s ceiling with wooden beams extends and hovers over the terrace providing with cool and shade.

The bedroom looks sleek thanks to glossy storage. The glass entrance exposes the entire bathroom that features wooden floors, a hovering vanity, and a built-in bathtub that stands next to a huge window covered with blinds. The bathroom also features a glass shower enclosure with toilet. Again the glass divides the room physically but not visually.

A beautiful pre-war shophouse is now a modern and sleek abode with such attractive features as indoor Koi pond and a skylight.

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