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Open Layout Interior Design Ideas

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Many modern homes boast an open layout that allows owners to arrange the rooms and zones according to their taste and needs. An open layout allows having a lot of free floor space for moving around, connecting with home dweller without walls in between, dividing the space into boxy rooms. Decorating spacious places can be exiting but it still needs careful planning.

Open Layout Interior Design Ideas

Use of Color

The color scheme may not be the same for all the zones in one big room. Color can be used to demarcate the different areas from the living zone to the dinner table and kitchen. Depending on the architecture all these zones can be located in various parts of the room.

Floor Plan

Draw a floor plan of the level of the house that has an open layout. Think about where you want to locate the living area, mark it on the floor plan, where do you want to place a piano or a fireplace? All these things mapped on the floor plan will help get the whole picture of the future room and calculate space for each zone.

Trial and Error

Don’t have a floor plan but already got a furniture set for a living area? Try to place it in different places in the main room with an open layout and see where it looks best and feels most comfortable. The same can be done with other areas. Rearrange the furniture, look for an optimal design solution. If there is a fireplace the living area is usually placed if not near it then at its vicinity.

The windows can be good pointers for placing zones. If the house has big windows that provide beautiful views the living zone/area can be placed near them as it is more public than the dinning area for example, which requires more privacy.

Privacy Givers

If some area requires privacy it can be secured by using a divider or a bookcase as a divider. It is functional both ways and the shelving can be used not only for books, but also dishes, decorations, and simply storage. Curtains or blinds can be used for windows indoors. While from the outdoors glazed walls can be protected with trees, greenery, hedges and privacy shrubs.

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