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15th Century Barn Remodeled Into Modern House

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La Loncha is a 15th Century barn remodeled into a modern house on the Island of Guernsey. Designed by MOOARC the house features glazed walls. The barn was remodeled inspired by 1748 ‘The Nolli plan of Rome’. The space is designed to flow and is divided into two levels.

Modern House From 15th Century Remodeled Barn

The house was developed as a fluid, three-dimensional plan, inspired by ‘The Nolli plan of Rome’ 1748.

The internal volume of the 15th Century barn forms the heart of the home. On the lower level, kitchen and dining is position below a more formal living space up on a mezzanine level.

A more relaxed living/play space is set at the front of the house, opening out to a terrace.

At the rear, the sleeping block is linked to the living space via the entrance and vertical circulation.

The bedroom block is stepped in across the width of the site to allow a visual link out into the rear garden from the dining space. The house was conceived as a separate sleeping block linked to the barn via a glazed entrance piece allowing the mass of the original barn to breathe. The retained structure of the barn has been revealed, with the internal space for living expressed as a single volume.

The ancient barn looks modern and livable now. Its glazed walls allow plenty of natural light in as well as provide the living space with the beautiful green views. The open layout is enhanced with the ceiling windows, second story glass balcony railing and glazed hall that connects the two buildings together.

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