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Wooden Chandelier by Mikko Paakkanen

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Mikko Paakkanen has created a cool wooden chandelier for The Project 2012 Designs for Nature by Nikari. Made out of oak the chandelier under the name “June” is equiped with LED technology featuring lights on its tips. The concept of the project is to share the Nikari philosophy of working with wood from the forests. The furniture-making company has invited twelve designers to design twelve objects made of wood and each design has been named after each month of the year.

Wooden Chandelier by Mikko Paakkanen

June is not only a beautiful piece of work but it is also unconventional. On the one hand, wooden chandeliers often look traditional, but in case of June it does not only have a warmth of wooden material but also looks modern thanks to LED technology. Thanks to its elegant look it will look great both in traditional and modern decor.

Wooden Chandelier Design

Wooden Chandelier by Mikko Paakkanen

Nikari will manufacture twelve pieces of each design in 2012 and a percentage from profits will be donated for protecting forests worldwide.

Wooden Chandelier by Mikko Paakkanen

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