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Decorating Dressing Room With Character

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A dressing room is an important part of the house for any fashion enthusiast. To create a stylish dressing make sure to think through the color scheme, style and closet designs. Also pay attention to details and decorations. A dressing room can double as a personal office or a working area.

Decorating Dressing Room With Character

Choose Style

Dressing room is not only a stack of clothes and shoe shelves, it’s a room so choosing and incorporating a style into its interior is important. It can be decorated in bodouir style or with vintage allure but the style should be prominent. Opt for stylish furniture to achieve a needed effect.

Add Focal Point

A dressing table, sofa or a fancy chair can make for a focal point of the room.It will tie in all the elements of the decor together and will prevent the room from looking empty and dull. A beautiful chandelier is also a nice way of adding detail and character to the dressing room.


Add details like mirror frames, artworks, and other accessories to the dressing room to make it look more lived-in and stylish. Wall pieces and sculptures also add character to the room decor. Make sure, though it fits with the dressing room design.

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