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One Room Apartment Design Ideas

One room apartment can be challenging in terms of decorating. One has a single room to house several areas including bedroom which is more private and a living room, a more public area. So here are some design ideas for a one room apartment.

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One room apartment can be difficult to handle in terms of decoration as there is little space and many rooms to squeeze into a single room. But it doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish apartment design and appealing home decor. First important step in creating a stylish one room apartment design is to create a floor plan. It will help visualize the future room with all the necessary things in it. It will also help decide where to put the bed, TV and the rest of the furniture.

One Room Apartment Design Ideas

Color Scheme

When the floor plan is ready you can start thinking about the colors that will suit the apartment. Choose practical colors that will be both interesting and practical. You can also use color to divide the room into different areas. Using different materials can also help demarcate each area in the room.

Room Dividers

Using room dividers like screens. These come in various materials like wood, metal and fabric. They can be decorative and folding and used for privacy or dividing spaces.

Modular and Mobile Furniture

Modular furniture allows constantly changing the look and furniture arrangement in the room. Mobile furniture can be easily moved around the house for a convenient use and more diverse home decor.

Space-Saving Furniture

Space-saving furniture provide additional storage space to a small-spaced home. Invest in ottomans, coffee tables, side tables, and consoles with storage space.


Using accessories that visually enhance space can be helpful in making the room more spacious and deep. Mirrors and space enhancing artwork can work best in making the room seem bigger and deeper.

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