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Futuristic Baseball Inspired Furniture

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This futuristic baseball-inspired chair has been designed by an industrial designer YoonJung Heo. Inspired by a baseball Heo has created a life-size sphere that can separate into two different items and serve as a chair and table.

Futuristic Baseball Inspired Furniture

A design for a personal lounge furniture inspired by the shape and stitches on a baseball. By flipping the top, it becomes a flat surface that is used as a table. It has room for storage inside, and by disassembling into two parts it also provides a chair.

The Baseball chair is well suited for airports and other public places. It looks futuristic and modern as well as it is space-saving and multipurpose. Thanks to the movable table top it can be flipped and provide a smooth and flat surface for storing drinks and reading material.

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  1. virali Says:

    How much is the cost for the futuristic baseball design furniture piece ? And if it is available then where to buy from ?

  2. ohyah Says:

    Yes, where is this sold?

  3. Lilian Says:

    Where can I buy it and how much does it cost? In what colors

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