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Christmas 2011 Decoration Trends

Every year the Christmas World, an international meeting of decorators and buyers set the trends for Christmas decorations. If you like your Christmas decor trendy and different every year here are some of the trends for Christmas 2011.

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Christmas decoration trends for 2011 are quite interesting. The focus is on simplicity and subtle metallic shine. This year the traditional green, red and gold color scheme is replaced with silver and frosty green. The metallic finishes are less shiny – pewter, tin and burnished bronze. Also the wood and felt are “in” this season.

Christmas 2011 Trends

Flowers as a Christmas decoration have been around for a while. Tulips or any other of your favorite flowers can be used as centerpieces on the tables, consoles and cabinets.

Christmas 2011 Trends

I like how silver and green create a fresh but frosty look and fresh flowers give it all a nice twist. Of course, the trends are optional but they can be a great source of inspiration for your own Christmas decor solutions.

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