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20 Cool Ceiling Designs

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Ceiling design is one of those things that can instantly make the interior look more interesting and detailed. And there are various ways of decorating the ceiling. Beside the molding and trim work a ceiling can be painted, covered with wallpaper, wooden beams, and decorated in quite a few other ways.

20 Cool Ceiling Designs

Patterned Ceiling

A patterned ceiling is a great way of adding detail to the room but also allowing the walls to reflect the light and fill the room with it. It’s a great design solution for small rooms with high ceilings as the low ceiling will only be brought down with the pattern.

Connecting Walls & Ceiling

Connecting the walls with the ceiling to create a uniform-looking space decorate a wall and continue the design on the ceiling. This will give the room design an interesting twist.

20 Cool Ceilings

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    nice ceiling design

  2. Raiven Bell Says:

    Where can I buy the wallpaper and print/painting from the first photo??? I’m in love:)

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