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Stylish Breakfast Area Design Ideas

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A dining room can be too formal to have casual meals. Breakfast area can be a great addition to the kitchen, lounge or balcony. A breakfast area doesn’t require much space and furniture. Just add a small table and a couple of chairs or a small sofa to create a cozy stylish look.

Stylish Breakfast Area Design Ideas

Choose a Perfect Spot

Choose a spot for your breakfast nook that is both convenient and cozy. It can be the space near the window, a remodeled closet, or the corner of the room. Make sure there is enough room for walking and moving around the breakfast area to avoid cramped look. A kitchen counter is often used for informal meals which is quite handy.

Color Scheme

If you want to demarcate the area between the kitchen or other room and the breakfast area you can use different color scheme in furnture and the walls near the breakfast spot. When choosing a different color scheme for the breakfast area make sure it doesn’t conflict with the kitchen or other room’s color scheme.

Add Lighting

Unless your breakfast nook is near the window and flooded with daylight adding decorative or ambient lights to the breakfast area will not only be functional but will also make the look more complete. Pendant lamps above the table make a great finishing touch.

Breakfast Nook Design Ideas:

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