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How To Create Stylish Laundry Room Design

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A laundry room is very practical and functional but it doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Designing a laundry room in a particular style is a great way to give the room a consistent stylish look. Also pay attention to storage and organization to avoid clutter.

How To Create Stylish Laundry Room Design

Keep It Clean

Keep the laundry room clean. Don’t let the detergent jars and conditioner bottles polute the view and make the laundry room look cluttered. Some things are okay to display but try balancing it out with hidden storage to achieve clean look with a few decorative jars of detergent and other cleaning products. You can go minimalist displaying only washing machine and dryer as they will add focus point to the room. Use cabinets, curtains, and decorative storage containers to hide all the unsightly products and accessories.

Design In Certain Style

When setting up a laundry room make sure to choose a certain style and be consistent. This will make laundry room look stylish and aesthetically pleasing rather than merely functional. Besides you can add use the rest of space in the room for creating a working space or a reading nook. It’s all up to the taste and needs. The laundry room can look modern and high-tech or have a sweet cottage look, there are no boundaries.

How To Create Stylish Laundry Room Design

Add Color

Don’t be afraid to use color when decorating a laundry room. A bright wall paint or a colorful rug will add a splash of color to the plain laundry room making it more interesting. Use textures and materials to create the look you like. For instance the storage baskets will add warmth to the room while giving it a cottage or rustic feel as well as adding a woven texture to contrast with smoother glossy surfaces.

 Stylish Laundry Room Designs

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    Great ideas about organizing the laundry room. The pictures included are beautiful and provide additional inspiration.

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