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Shared Kid’s Room For Three And More Children

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With more than two kids it can be challenging to design a kid’s room but there are always solutions that will efficiently use the space and resources you have. First of all, choose a room in the house that will have enough space for housing two or more kids. Draw a floor plan carefully considering all the space limitations and other practical details like convenient walk ways.

Shared Kid's Room For Three And More Children

Beds Arrangement

Bunk beds are commonly used in shared kid’s room as they save but it’s not the only option. The bed systems and loft beds can vary in styles and shapes and include built-in storage and a playroom element. Arrange regular kid beds in different ways and at various angles to achieve the best bed arrangement that will be space-saving and convenient.


Storage is very important for shared kid’s room so make sure to save room for that when planning the design. Plan storage as part of the bed system or opt for bedside trunks and other storage units.

Personal Touch

To give each child’s space a little personal touch you can choose their favorite colors to be used in bedding or headboard. A small side table can be a place for storing their favorite books, toys and other personal items.

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