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How to Design Kids’ Room in Jungle Style

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The most popular themes for young girls are princesses and fairies. Boys like the sea and cars. But if you think it’s trite, discover another interesting trend decor, inspired by the amazing world of Africa. Unlike the African style for adults, jungle style for kids is softer, kinder, more comfortable and looks like a fun cartoon or game.

Kid’s Room in African Style – Easily

In order to turn the kid’s room into a jungle you have to choose the appropriate colors, decorate walls, stylize the furniture, and pick up the accessories.

Color pallette

Before you start, decide on the overall design of the room. Choose from two basic colors: green or light brown. In the first case, it will be a tropical forest, and the second one will remind of savanna.

Kids' room in Jungle style

Kids’ room in Jungle/Savanna style

The walls

To decorate the walls, you can use colorful vinyl stickers. When you decorate the room in jungle style the perfect stickers will be those depicting tigers, lions and elephants. If you choose the savannah style, then it is better to choose the appropriate pictures of ostriches, kangaroos, parrots, and koalas.

With the help of ordinary acrylic paints you can turn walls into a jungle thicket. An interesting design solution will be a tree in the corner of the room, which is due to its location will look dimensional. However, you can simplify your task by choosing the wallpaper with cartoon animals and plants. You can find interesting posters with African animals and birds too.

While decorating the walls, take into account the child’s age and his or her temperament. The younger the child, the more susceptible he or she is to a lot of bright colors. Dull greens are calming, and orange is stimulating locomotor activity.

Kids' room in Jungle style

Wallpapers in a Jungle Style room

Furniture and Accessories

When choosing furniture, it is not necessary to adhere to the selected topic. The main thing is that it’s done in plain and soothing tones. You can emphasize the same theme of the room by means of various accessories.

You can turn a standard furniture into styled one by following methods:

The easiest method is using stickers on wardrobes, beds and tables. A little more difficult method is a decoupage of boxes for toys, shelves and other furniture sets. And the advanced method is adding elements of plywood as outlines of animals with the specific color.

Lamps, curtains and carpets should be decorated accordingly to the common theme of design. But it is not necessary to duplicate the basic color palette. It is enough if they harmonize with the main colors of the room, and do not stand out from the common visual style.

Jungle style room

Standart furniture in a Jungle Style room

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