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7 Ideas of Creating Library for Children

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Young parents often ask the following question to a child psychologist: how to instill in a child a love of reading? Of course, we are not experts on parenting, but we can give our answer to the question: a children’s library should be in each kids room. After all, a fairy tale for a child begins even before he opens the book. We offer the seven useful interior solutions.

7 Ideas of How to Create Library for Children

Floor standing shelving

Floor standing shelving

Floor standing shelving

Small stable racks with wide shelves and drawers attached to them are the ideal solution, if you create a library for a baby. Toy box for all his personal belongings is also a great option.

Creative children’s furniture

A rack or a small table with shelves inside, or maybe a house for dolls? Furniture of original design always looks good in the kids room. The presence of moving parts and bright accents makes reading a fun game. Comfortable “cells” allow parents to organize the books.

Interior details

There are people who call books the best decor. This idea can be more than correct for the living room or the bedroom, but a kids room still needs more creative ideas. What about an original installation? For example, you can “plant” a bookcase in form of a tree.


These shelves are more like decoration elements, rather than functional furniture, but they are more relevant in the room of a child of preschool age.

By unobtrusive “showing” books to a child (change the “exhibits” several times a week), you teach him to love books, and maintain the order in the child’s room. Please note that in order to “showcase” was effective, fix it at eye level of the child.

Textile “pockets”

These colorful soft “shelves” can supplement a recreation area in the kids room. If the shelf with books is located at the bedside of the child, the preschooler will be distracted by the bright book covers.

If the primary storage of books will be in the study area, and a recreation area will have a few books (no more than 3-4), then reading before bed will be comfortable for a child.

Low shelving

The library of a book lover and collector is best to place on the rack with shelves and baskets (boxes): shelves are designed for storage of encyclopedias, textbooks, and baskets or boxes are used for periodicals.

Complementary furniture

If your son or daughter is lacking his or her personal space, then multifunctional furniture will solve this problem. For example, use a bed or chair with bookshelves.

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