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Open Dining Room Designs

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In many modern houses with open layout a dining room is located in front of an outdoor entry which provides it with both natural light and views. Such thoughtful allocation brings much light and peace to the dining room allowing the family enjoy the views, the company and the meal.

Dining Rooms Facing Outdoors

Open Dining Room Designs

If you don’t have an outdoor entry then a glazed wall can substitute for it. The idea is to bring the dining room closer to outdoors with all its beautiful greenery and natural light.

Decorating Style

As it was mentioned before, this type of dining room is common for modern homes so modern and minimalist styles are the obvious choices. But there are other styles that can used throughout the entire house or in some of the decor elements. For instance unfinished wood gives a room rustic feel while vintage, traditional furniture furniture can add a shabby chic touch.

Glazed Wall Design

The design of the wall with an outdoor entry itself should be in tune with the interior style. It can be a minimalist metal frame or, if you strive for a country style home, you can opt for classic French doors.


Usually open layout that integrates the indoors and the outdoors implies the green outdoors, garden, or water views. You can improve your outdoor views by building a garden even a small one or introduce a pond or an impressive deck to spruce up the view.

The furniture arrangement depends largely on the layout of the room and the entry location. You can place the dining table facing the outdoors or sideways but in the latter case only one row of people will be able to enjoy the view.

Since the natural light illuminates the whole dining area lighting can be modest and simple. It could be two pendant lights or even just general built-in lights that flood the whole room with artificial light when it’s necessary.

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