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Dramatic Dining Room Design Ideas

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A dramatic dining room design is not difficult to achieve. Color alone can provide for drama and character in the room. Decorate the dining room with statement pieces, antiques and flea market finds to create a unique design.

Dramatic Color

Bold color always adds drama to the interior. Think jewel tones like sapphire, emerald and turquoise. Multicolor schemes can also look dramatic. When creating a multicolor design keep in mind the depth and intensity of colors as the color scheme might just look colorful but not dramatic.

Extravagant Furniture

Look for vintage pieces if you are on budget and give them makeover by re-painting and re-upholstering. Custom-made furniture can also be a great solution if you can’t find the pieces you are looking for.

Extravagant furniture makes the room look more interesting and adds character to the design. Many modern designers create interesting furniture that can fit into almost any design.

Unexpected Details

Add some unexpected details to your dining room decor. Think pop art, unusual decorations and art pieces. Look for statement pieces that add character to the decor.

Dramatic Dining Room Designs

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