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Designing Multifunctional Bedroom

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A multifunctional bedroom is a must in a small-spaced home. Sometimes we have to cram more functions into one room so eventually the bedroom might have to double as a home office or a gym. To design a multifunctional bedroom first try to limit those functions to three or less, if possible, to avoid clutter.

Multifunctional Bedroom Design Ideas

Multipurpose Bed

Designing Multifunctional Bedroom: Bed Storage

A multipurpose bed that can double as a couch or a storage unit is just one step in creating a multifunctional bedroom. A folding bed that can become a sofa/couch can free some space during the day while also be practical and serve as a cozy seat for resting and reading. A bed with the storage space would also be useful especially if room is too small.

Desk Bed

A desk bed is a whole other system that directly contributes to a multifunctional bedroom. It serves as a home office as well as a place to sleep and it helps keep everything nice and organized. Though it is mosty used in kid’s rooms a desk bed can be found in styles that will suit a bedroom for adults.

Loft Bed

Loft bed is an ultimate solution for the multifunctional bedroom as it allows to use floor space for something else, like an office nook or a storage unit/wardrobe.

Designing Multifunctional Bedroom: Form 01

Form 01 desk+bed by Vladimir Yuzbashev

Wardrobe Divider

If you need a dressing room and have a big enough bedroom you could invest in an appropriate storage unit that would divide your bedroom into two (equal or not) parts to provide you with secluded space for dressing and storing clothes as well as a separate sleeping area.

Bed Nook

Usually the bed takes up most of the space in a bedroom but if you have to squeeze extra areas into the room then you can go with the bed nook that will partially disguise your bed from other areas creating a more intimate sleeping area within the room. It can be done several ways from adding a curtain/baldachin to your bed to dividing it with a storage unit or an organizer wall from other areas.

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