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Cozy and Chic Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

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Bedroom is a private room and it’s usually hidden from our guests’ eyes. But it’s important for it not only to be cozy but chic too. The big part of our bedroom is a bed. It’s a place to sleep it’s why the room bear its name so the bed is actually a focal point of the room. If you want to make your room look chic invest in a good bed. Baldachin or a beautiful head of the bed can be done by yourself as well.

Cozy and Chic Bedroom Interior Design Ideas


Even if your bed isn’t all luxurious and doesn’t cost fortune you can make it look so by wrapping it up in a beautiful quality bedclothes. White and solid-colored bedclothes is great for the room with floral wall paper while bright patterned and printed bedclothes will lighten up the minimalistic style room with toned down solid wall color.


Lighting can different but it’s okay for lighting to be more intimate in bedroom. Table lamps and pendants and in some cases ambient lights are all suitable for bedroom. Avoid standing lamps because if your bedroom is small they will only clutter it.


Don’t be afraid experimenting with colors for bedroom. From bright walls to various prints anything is possible and okay if you want it. Don’t get carried away though and try to create the right balance in the room between bright hues and neutrals and accents.


Your bedroom should not be cluttered with stuff, clothes, furniture and accessories, but it shouldn’t be all nude as well. You can add an armchair for hanging clothes and aesthetic pleasure or for before-bedtime-reading but if you don’t really need anything except bed you can just add a flower or little night table for candles or books. If you do need furniture in the bedroom opt for same-style pieces that will match with the bed and create an atmosphere or united theme.

Small Space

If your bedroom is tiny or just small the best thing to do is to use lighter colors and avoid big patterns on the walls. Also avoid big puffy beds with numerous pillows. Make it sleeker but add luxuriousness by adding right accessories and textures to it. Textured bedclothes always works. Also opt for ornate night table or table lamp.

Furniture Arrangement

Change furniture arrangement. Place your bed in the center of the room ridding of the rest of the furniture if the space allows. Swap rooms in your house if your bedroom doesn’t get enough natural light, space or on the contrary has too much space.

If you are afraid that the walls will be left naked go for a bold color or patterned wall paper if the space of the room allows you to. If all else fails make your bedroom all white but be sure the walls are even and the materials you use are good quality and well, be prepared for high-maintenance bedroom.

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