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Bedroom Interior Design in Arabian Style

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The main features of Arabian style are stone floor, arches, stucco walls, carpets and drapes, heavy carved furniture and household items that are typical for Islamic countries.

Arabian Design for Small Bedroom

Bedroom in classic Arabian style

Bedroom in classic Arabian style

Not all Arabs are rich and can afford the luxury interior of a Sultan’s chambers. However, many designers express the oriental style in rich decoration with expensive textiles (brocade, silk, velvet), handmade carpets, tables inlaid with pearls, gold-plated dishes and jugs, medieval weapons and many other decorative details.

Unfortunately, not all city apartments are suitable to completely recreate the real Arabian bedroom, because this room should have a high ceiling, and its area must be spacious, so that the bed and the accompanying functional furniture occupied only a small part of it. But in this article we will tell about the characteristics of Arabic style that will help you to plan the original design with oriental flavor in a small bedroom.

Finishing and decoration of the walls

Arab style is distinguished by lighter shades in interior decoration: white, ivory, sand, rarer brighter colors – dull yellow, pink, green, orange.

All sorts of niches are the indispensable attributes of wall decor in an oriental interior. They are placed on different levels and have a variety of functions. They are used for placing vases, table lamps, decorative details, outerwear. If you want to create such a niche in the bedroom, use drywall.

In traditional Arabic interiors beautiful walls is complemented with artfully decorated ceiling. The ceiling is made several tiers, when the height allows it, and decorated with intricate ornaments and carvings. In a small apartment you can do cornices and ceiling paintings.

Bedroom furniture in Arabian style

Bed in the Arabic interior should be broad and low, but don’t be upset, if you already bought a different model. You can use canopies and drapery to decorate it and hide many flaws behind such decoration.

Choose textiles’ color and texture depending on effect you want to achieve. A good choice for tempting luxury interior is heavy silk and velvet of saturated colors, trimmed with gold fringe and tassels. And fresh romantic design will be achieved with bright airy fabrics like thin cotton and silk – its edges decorated with beads.

Decorative things for the oriental interior

The main materials of Arabic interior decor items are: bronze and copper. They are all kinds of carved lamps with chasing, big wide dishes for fruits and sweets, elegant pitchers with high necks and floor vases. Clay and ceramics with typical paintings are equally popular.

Completing the design of the bedroom in Arabic style, add some oriental fragrances – smells very strongly influence our perception of the atmosphere of the room. To achieve the desired effect, use incense, scented candles or sachets with oriental spices, but do not overdo it. Air in the bedroom should stay fresh for healthy sleep.

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