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Mini Shower for Pets

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Pets are full-fledged residents of our houses. In addition to sleeping and eating areas, we still have to worry about how and where they can be washed. This is especially challenging for dogs. If in a private home they can just wash dogs in the yard, then in an urban setting dogs are often washed in master bath.

Pet-Friendly House: Mini Shower for Pets

Shower for pets

Shower for pets

However many pet lovers have solved this problem with the help of small showers for their pets.

Mini shower is not costly, although it is better to plan ahead its future location, bring water and prepare plums. It is preferred to install a mini shower in the bathroom, laundry room or pantry (if space permits it). In the case of a private home, you can consider a “bath corner” in the garage.

Outwardly such showers for pets resemble a small copy of showers in kindergarten. By the way, you can install them on the floor or on a low cabinet or dresser. If you like this idea, but do not have an extra space in the house, you can come up with a version of “folding” showers.

Usually to bathe your pet, you need to spend a lot of nerves, time and effort. Not all of them love to bathe, and sometimes you have to forcibly push them into the bathroom, that often causes stress. Moreover, they often strive to jump out of it at the most inopportune moment, pouring water all around.

The best solution for quick and easy wash is a shower unit for pets. It can be connected to the water in the bathroom, the kitchen, the garage or in any place. The water supply system will provide convenient use of the showerhead and built-in sprinklers that work both separately and simultaneously.

Shower unit for pets

Shower unit for pets

The main advantages of the shower units for pets:

– Easy connection to the faucet (indoors or outdoors);

– Flexible discharge pipe (with the possibility of using the drain pump);

– Several sprinklers located on different sides to quickly completely wet the animal, and then rinse all the shampoo effectively;

– Adjustable shower head;

– Two doors with locks for easy entry and exit;

– Special chain collar for fixing animal;

– Extra raised floor panel for small and medium breeds;

– Removable transparent cover with holes for hands;

– Casters for easy movement of the shower unit (lockable).

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