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Hanging Gardens In Your Home

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If the mystery of Hanging Gardens have always intrigued you there are a few things you can do to recreate them within the walls of your own home. It might seem like an ambitious project but your hanging gardens don’t have to be grand or elaborate as their main charm is in hanging plants that look impressive anytime anywhere.

How to Create Hanging Gardens at Home


Plants look especially impressive when hanging from a skylight

Hanging Plants

Choosing the right plants for your garden is important. You should know how to care for them and the conditions they need to survive. Some hanging plants have longer stems while others have shorter ones with bigger leaves. When choosing your plants and vines try to imagine the full picture of the arrangement in your garden. Combine a few short plants with a few long ones for a truly effect.


A hanging garden can be located anywhere at home. If space is tight, you can opt for hanging planters. It’s the easiest way to create a Hanging Garden. But if you enjoy a spacious two storey house you could place the pots on the staircase letting them  hang from above. For those who’d love some fresh air with their hanging garden can opt for a windowsill but then your hanging plants will decorate the facade.


If you have a small outdoor area you could combine a patio and a hanging garden by planting vines around a pergola. This is a great way to have both and create an intimate paradise place just for you and your family. Pergola is an ideal support structure for vines and crawling plants and you can also add hanging pots if you want flowers in your hanging garden. Also, what a perfect way to sun proof a pergola.

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