Natural Swimming Pools

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Natural swimming pools are the pools where the water is maintained through plants, which means that no chemicals are used to clean the water. Natural pools differ from regular ones in many ways. While regular swimming pools boast crystal-clear blue/green water the natural pool water can vary from light to dark green, which doesn’t take away from the pools’ beauty.

Natural Swimming Pools & Ponds

Natural Swimming Pools


Since water in such pools is sustained naturally there is no need to chlorinate water as the plants are already doing it and chlorine can kill the plants. You can let the water color naturally and add only a water bubbler to aerate the water to benefit the plants and move the water.

Water Garden

Besides serving as a cooling water feature for hot summers natural swimming pool also acts as a water garden thanks to all the plants that help the pool maintain clean water. Learn about the water plants you can grow in your zone as they will be perfect for the task.

Best Of Pond And Pool

A natural swimming pool has the best features of both pond and a pool. It has that natural look that ponds are usually valued for as well as it offers the ability to swim in it whenever you please. Simply speaking, it is both beautiful and practical.

Eco Factor

Natural swimming pools aren’t only beautiful, though but they are also more sustainable than regular ones:

  • they don’t require as much electricity as there is no filter system (well there are plants that act as filter),
  • they benefit environment,
  • they are safer (chemical-free).

Maintenance Tips

Usually a natural pool doesn’t require much maintenance as the plants take care of water and insects that are attracted to the pool take care of plants and other insects. All you have to do is vaccuum clean monthly and fish out the leaves.

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