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Kids Room Renovation Tips

Kids room may not need dramatic changes if the children are small but as they grow the transition from kids to teens room is important. The room may need some new furniture and the kids may want a new look.

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Kids grow and change rapidly and their room changes with them. But how to keep the kids room comfortable and stylish on budget? The transition from kids to teens room can be especially money- and time-consuming. But before splashing on the full renovation think what you can keep, re-use, and redecorate.

Kids Room Renovation Tips


The biggest investment is usually furniture because kids grow out of their beds and small desks. These can be sold though to make room and invest into new furniture. Side tables, consoles, and organizers that were used for storing toys however can be used to their purposes in the new room. If the room is small the built-in furniture can be an answer since it combines essential items as well as saves space in the room.

Color Scheme

The wall paint is the easy and fast solution since it can be changed fairly easily. On the other hand wallpaper can bring some depth to the room. Choose colors and patterns together with the room‘s inhabitant(s) in order to make their room inviting and comfortable.


The main decorative details can include framed family photos and artworks. A rug can add warmth to the room while bookshelves will also fill the walls and provide storing space for books and school supplies.

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