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5 Common Decorating Mistakes

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Decorating one’s home can be challenging and yield different results in comparison with the professional’s work. But it’s possible to learn about the rules of decorating and the mistakes to avoid. To create a stylish balanced decor try to avoid the common mistakes and plan each step of your remodeling or redecorating process.

5 Common Decorating Mistakes

5 Decorating Mistakes:

Bad Proportions

Furniture that is too big for a room will look heavy and will make the room look crammed. The proportion between the room and furniture sizes should be always considered. Measure the room and draw a floor plan before looking for furniture to make sure it will fit the room. The same goes for all other elements of decor from rugs to artworks. Too small an artwork would look odd and lonely on the wall.


Too many colors, patterns and details make the decor look busy and cluttered. Try to refine the look by limiting the color scheme to two or three colors one of which should be neutral. The same goes for patterns. Start by mixing two simpler patterns and then try to add something else to see how it works.Avoid displaying too many decorations, objects and artworks at once as it can make the room look cluttered. Go with two to three statement objects or two or three artworks depending on the size of the wall.


Under-decorating can too be a problem leaving the house look plain. Even minimalist style implies details and accessories. Artworks, framed photos, vases, bowls, curtains, throw pillows, flowers and plants can make any room look more finished and lived-in. Add a couple of paintings to the living room or a mirror to the hallway. Group three planter pots with plants of different height or use them separately as decorations.

Choosing Style Over Comfort

This one can make for a bad decor move as stylish things aren’t always very comfortable but comfort is important for home. However, it doesn’t mean one should sacrifice style for comfort either. There are many comfortable and stylish designs out there to choose from. The same goes for quantity and quality, trendy and timeless pieces. It’s better to opt for a few quality pieces and later buy some more if necessary than buy a cheap set, especially when it comes to furniture. Trends come and go, so trying to incorporate all the latest decorations or furniture into the home decor can be too costly and wasteful.

Going Far Too Eclectic

Eclectic style doesn’t have many rules but in order to look good eclectic interior design should be harmonious and balanced. Throwing in as many elements from as many styles as possible will most likely create chaos. Choose two or three favorite styles and pick up the most favorite elements from them. Arrange them together and see how it works. Throw out anything that’s way out of place or rearrange to create a more balanced look. Add other elements very carefully.

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