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Tekto: Portable Bioalcohol Fireplace

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A fireplace can give any room more warmth and make it feel cozy and homey. Tekto is a portable bioalcohol fireplace – modern and eco-friendly. Tekto, a portable bioalcohol fireplace is a creation of Porshe Design Studio and Safretti. Tekto is truly innovative as due to its sleek design it can be stored very easily when not in use as well as effortlessly used when needed.

Tekto: Portable Bioalcohol Fireplace

Description from designers:

At first glance, the firespace’s diminutive size camouflages its real purpose. Its secret is not revealed until the outside of the plate is gently pressed. As if by magic it then opens up like a crevice which the fire comes out of. The object conjures up archaic associations with the earth’s crust breaking open and fire in the centre of the earth.

The Tekto design concept is great. Since its form is simple and sleek it can easily serve as a decorative platform in small spaced homes or stored without taking up too much space.

Tekto: Portable Bioalcohol Fireplace

Tekto is fueled by bioalcohol which is more sustainable than other types of fuels. The burner capacity is 2 liters and 6-8 hours of burning. The fireplace is not spacious with the dimensions of just 10 cm in height and 50 cm in width and depth and weight of 14 kg. Made of powdercoated steel that gives it a stylish gray color.

Tekto is one of bioalcohol/bioethanol generation of fireplaces that is both portable and functional, stylish and space-conscious. Bioethanol/bioalcohol fireplaces can be found built into coffee tables, sculptural figures as well as can be built into walls.

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