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10 Creative Dining Table Designs

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Creative dining table is not only an eye catchy focal point of the room but also a functional and aesthetical object. There are many interesting dining table designs out there that can help create unique dining room. Here are ten beautiful and completely different dining tables.

Dining Table Designs

Vicenza Shapes

10 Creative Dining Table Designs

Diotti A & F have designed Vicenza Shapes, a dining table collection that features several beautiful models with sculptural bases made of Vicenza Stone and glass or wood tabletops. The stone texture nicely stands out against smooth glass and even wood. The sculptural shapes and forms give Diotti A & F tables uique feel that is both creative and elegant.


10 Creative Dining Table Designs

Morotai dining table by Carlo has three legs of interesting shape and rounded tabletop. Morotai is made of polished aluminium but also comes in brass. This table is a sure way to add an eye-catchy focal point to the dining room. It is available at Nusa Furniture.


10 Creative Dining Table Designs

ASTROLAB dining table by Roche Bobois will add an industrial touch to the dining room. Sleek transparent tabletop exposes polished aluminum legs and a base with a built-in 40cm motorized extension leaves that run on batteries. The table has a remote control for operating the extension mechanism.


10 Creative Dining Table Designs

Opera dining table by Bauline is an amazing model. Small and elegant from the first sight Oera expands into a spacious dinning table with additional leg that provides it with more stability.

II Capo

10 Creative Dining Table Designs

II Capo dining table by Creazioni is classic table with a twist. The 3/4 style table features a 1/4 carved ornate part that can be done in a different finish from the rest of the table. It can add a subtle twist to a traditional elegant dining room.


10 Creative Dining Table Designs

Joseph Walsh is famous for his twirling wood creations. His Continuum table is a combination of eroded elements featured in other works by designer and free form composition that has become Walsh’s signature style.


10 Creative Dining Table Designs

Boca Do Lobo’s Royal dining table is also a classic table with a twist, or a few twists to be exact. Shaped as a traditional dining table Royal is finished with modern faceted elements combined with beautiful carving. The table is finished with black paint and has a wood patchwork on the tabletop.

by Kisskalt

10 Creative Dining Table Designs

This unusual dining table comprises both modern and traditional styles as its two parts, which could be two different tables on their own, overlap to create an extended table half modern and half traditional. When closed the table looks like two tables were stacked.

Ping Pong Dining Table

10 Creative Dining Table Designs

James DeWulf has created a playful Ping Pong dining table out of concrete. A perfect recreational dining table for the outdoors. The table is resistant to water, freeze and salty air.

Nature Morte Dining Table

10 Creative Dining Table Designs

Sebastian Errazuriz’s Nature Morte dining table is simply impressive. Its Crespon tree base is beautifully mysterious while the clear glass tabletop shows off all the tree’s intricacies including the roots.

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