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Vader Lamp by Luca Nichetto

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The Vader lamp designed by Luca Nichetto bears resemblance to the helmet of the Star Wars’ Darth Vader, hence the name. The ceramic table lamp that comes in a range of colors has a rounded shape with a concave side. The lamp comes in blue, white, and green.

Vader Floor/Table Lamp:

Vader Lamp by Luca Nichetto

Vader was born from the wish to experiment the possibilities of traditional ceramics productions, thanks to craftsmen knowledges, in a modern design project. Vader is also the result of a research in different ways to produce ceramics, starting from the little handmade productions up to highly engineered industrial productions. Its colours have been chosen thinking about scandinavian culture, but remind at the same time the designer’s venetian background.

During the development period, before that Vader became a lamp, the first prototype, that was a big black ceramic bulb, stayed in front of us for a long period and its “Star Wars” aspect inspired the name.

The Vader lamp is big enough to used it as a floor or table lamp. Its modern design with a hint of popular culture will fit the modern decor as well as outdoors. The lamp provides a subtle amount of light through the concave detail.

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