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Respond Mechanical Coat Rack by Nicole Schindelholz

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Nicole Schindelholz has designed a mechanical wooden coat rack called Respond that immediately reacts to weight of clothes thus demonstrating how it works. Taking a simple object as coat rack and making it more complex by introducing mechanism to it Nicole Schindelholz has created quite an unusual piece. The idea behind Respond was to bring back the understanding of how the technology of a product works.

Respond Mechanical Wooden Coat Rack

Photograph by Rene Van Der Hulst

Since many products today are simple on the outside but complex on the inside the relation and hence undestanding between the user and a product gets lost. Nicole Schindelholz brings it back by making the coat rack mechanism visible to the eye as it becomes a part of the design.

Respond coat rack is not only appealing to the eye but its principle is easily understadable to the user. Respond starts moving  immeadiately after a coat or another clothing item is hung on it. The hook on which it hangs lowers down thanks to a rolling mechanism.

Respond Wooden Mechanical Coat Rack:

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