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Red Dot Design Winner – Easy Clean Faucet

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Easy Clean faucet, a Red Dot Design winner was designed by Wang Li-Hsin and Wu Chi-Hua. The faucet was designed so that it was not only easy to clean but the user didn’t have to touch a handle contaminated with germs after washing hands. The designers didn’t want to use the motion sensor as it would mean the faucet would require more energy.

Award-Winning Easy Clean Faucet:

Red Dot Design Winner - Easy Clean Faucet

The faucet has a modern minimalistic look and a shape that make the water flow easy. The ‘handle’ opens the faucet locates at the edge of the spout that when pressed softly with finger releases the water. It’s not indicated how the faucet is turned off but the description says that it saves water as well as energy.

This is a great solution to the problem of spreading germs on the faucet handle. The edge of the spout where it should be pressed to release the water is washed while the users wash their hands. What do you think?

Red Dot Design Winner - Easy Clean Faucet

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