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Primavera Vase Recycles Plastic Bottles

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Primavera Vase is a cool vase frame that comes in various colors and helps recycle plastic bottles. The metal frame shaped as flower vase has fixtures for holding standard used plastic bottles so they functioned as an actual vase to put flowers in.

Primavera Vase Recycles Plastic Bottles

Now you can recycle one or three 0,5 liter plastic bottles. They come in black, white and red colors and cost $34.99. The vase is a great decoration object with a twist. The frame is a very elegant way to recycle the plastic bottles. It’s shape is traditional and recognizable but very sleek and beautiful.

Primavera Vase Recycles Plastic Bottles

What do you think about using old plastic bottles as elegant vases? I think it looks cool.

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