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Frederico Otero Ornate Designs

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Designer Frederico Otero creates beautiful and ornate designs for his studio Otero. The designs include lighting fixtures and space dividers. Frederico Otero beautiful designs are made of stainless steel and feature ornate patterns. Laser-cut BOYD Lighting series are made of multiple circles pattern with a polished shiny finish.

Frederico Otero Ornate Designs

The CATACAOS lighting fixture series have a very interesting texture that immediately draws the eye. Using a handcraft technique “Filigrana” Frederico Otero has created elegant pendant and wall-mounted lights. Available in black and white pendant lamps have round shape while the wall-mounted is oblong.

Frederico Otero Ornate Designs

Continuing using the “Filigrana” technique Frederico Otero has created a bright rounded CATACAOS space divider. The surface that resulted from this technique perfectly fits the divider function. It provides privacy and security while allows light shine through without breaking the space into boxes.

Frederico Otero Ornate Designs

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