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Design Spray Transfer Cutting Board

More and more new designs are aimed at making cooking more effective. While the new kitchen gadgets make things more convenient its time to upgrade the more simple things, like cutting boards. Transfer cutting board by Design Spray is a design that makes it easier to get the cut products to their destination...plate.

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Design Spray has designed a convenient cutting board that makes it easier to place all cut produce into the plate without scattering the pieces all over the kitchen. Aptly named Transfer the cutting board features a semi-circle side opening that to fit a plate.

Design Spray Transfer Cutting Board

Transfer cutting board is convenient and has an elegant sleek design. Made out of beech the board has a nice natural wood finish. Transfer is a board of a new generation boards that come in convenient and innovative designs to help users cook and clean effectively.

Design Spray Transfer Cutting Board

Design Spray Transfer Cutting Board

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  1. Wooden Cutting Boards Says:

    Ok, that’s a really cool idea for a cutting board…no joke! Last night I was dicing a ton of veggies on a large bamboo board with hand holes on the sides and kept dumping pieces onto the floor when I was trying to scrape them into a pan from the board.

    Only improvement I can think of is a more “open” side so that you can fit any size of plate or tray underneath the board.

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