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Scout Home Security System

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Scout alarm system is a very useful and incredibly stylish system from Sandbox Industries. It functions to make life comfortable and secure. Scout owners do not need intermediaries, extra expenses, and a special app for smartphone. It is an innovative contrast to traditional security systems.

Scout Security System For Home

Scout home security system

Scout home security system

Scout is a new vision in the field of passive safety of residential and non-residential premises. The system is interesting because to use it you do not have to spend money on a monthly basis for various security services. It is controlled by a computer or a portable device. In case of burglary, you will get a signal on your mobile. All sensors and the control unit are designed in the same style. In terms of design it will fit almost any interior.

The creators of the novelty are sure that safety of a house does not need extra amount of money, because modern technology allows to monitor the situation at any distance.

Scout home security system

Scout home security system

It is possible to monitor the situation at home from any mobile device or computer using Wi-Fi. If there is no time for it, you can commission this task to a specialist who will perform maintenance of the security system.

Scout is mobile and easy to install. You can install the alarm system on your own, without wires, cables, and expert assistance.

Scout home security system

Scout home security system

Sandbox Industries thought every detail through, including the appearance of the device. According to the creators, sleek and discreet design of security sensors will not attract attention of thieves, however, would be barely noticeable, stylish accessory in a modern interior.

Scout helps avoid false alarms and high fines for calling the police. In addition, the new system does not require monthly payments and contributions. All the necessary means for correct operation of the device are included in the total cost of the alarm system. And it costs only $120, excluding shipping from the U.S.

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