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Storage Systems From Keiji Ashizawa

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Storage Systems from Keiji Ashizawa only look simple. Drawer shelf and Slybox storage systems look stylish and elegant. Made of wood Keiji Ashizawa storage units have a simple natural finish and intricate mechanisms that make them functional and interesting.

Storage Systems From Keiji Ashizawa

Drawer shelf is three connected drawers that feature a mechanism that allows the drawers slide from one and other creating a ladder our of them that provide more surface for storage and display. The Drawer shelf is sleek and looks modern but would also fit into a traditional style decor.

Storage Systems From Keiji Ashizawa

Slybox is a chest of different-sized drawers that are held by a simple metal frame. The hovering effect was achieved due to an elevated first drawer and sleek metal frame. Slybox is great for storing various types of things thanks to the difference of the drawers.

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