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Biogas for Home Heating

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Eco-friendly homes become increasingly popular as they are designed for economical energy consumption and use recycled materials. Many owners of environmentally-friendly country houses produce biogas for heating using biogas mini-plants.

Domestic Biogas Producton for Home Heating

Biogas reactor

Biogas reactor

Domestic biogas plants are among the most promising technologies both in terms of environmental friendliness and in terms of cost of fuel. Organizing of biogas heating system in a private home is the perfect solution for those who have a small farm, which provides free biological raw material for gas.

The sources of cheap biogas are household waste, fallen leaves, tops, and food dregs. Biogas is produced during the fermentation of biomass that deteriorates as a result of the impact of three types of bacteria – hydrolysis, acid- and methane-forming bacteria.

Biogas production plant in Germany

Stylish design of biogas production plant in Germany

Biogas actually differs little from the natural one. The only difference is that for biogas production they use a stationary, artificially created source. Tank fermentor device is quite simple, so it is often constructed by the users themselves. The main thing is to equip it with the next necessary elements like preheating of the bottom (usually electric unit), mixing device and gas pressure control system. Note that the gas tank requires a large area: the reactor volume for heating of a medium sized country house should not be less than 700 ft3.

Benefit from the organization of the biogas heating system is visible after prolonged use. If home heating is required only for a couple of weeks in a year, the profitability of such a facility is unlikely to be achieved. In this case it is easier and faster to resort to the more conventional heating techniques. Another thing is the constant, systematic use of the fuel resource bioreactor, as its full load will provide daily production of hundreds of clean fuel for 4-6 months. Technically correct organization of biogas production and use will allow to equip a cozy home anywhere.

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