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Spaceship Looking Penthouse

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Looking at the classical facade of a building in the center of Vienna, built in XIX century by the architect Theophil von Hansen, it is hard to believe that it has a penthouse on the upper floor with a spaceship-looking interior.

Living in Spaceship

Spaceship Looking Penthouse in Vienna by Mary Planegger

Spaceship Looking Penthouse in Vienna by Mary Planegger 

Before we moved here, we lived in a fairly traditional apartment, so we wanted something completely new and different. Our main landmarks were sensuality, lightness, freedom and transparency.” say the owners, a married couple with two daughters.

An architect from Project A01 in Vienna, Mary Planegger have brought such wording into life. Firstly she combined space of two floors in the original lofts and glazed the whole roof, so that every room had a panorama of the city.

She placed a huge aquarium on the first floor and a long sofa in the living room. The futuristic staircase connects the floors. It was made to order in Italy of thirty sheets of polished steel.

We had to install the stairway through the roof with the help of a construction crane. But it was worth it,” the hostess said.

Multicolored lights are responsible for the sensual atmosphere of the interior. During the day, the interior is laconic: white walls, floor and ceiling combined with metal parts. In the evening, color changes from white to blue, pink and green due to a special program that adjusts lighting in the penthouse.

Trying to get rid of unwanted items, Planegger used maximum built-in furniture, large fixtures and a few items of contemporary art. The hosts liked such minimalism: parents are pleased that the house is spacy and their daughters love to spend time in their cool children’s rooms.

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