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Soldati House: Interior in Classic Minimalism Style

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Soldati House was built in 1990s with no outstanding architecture. But with a little help of an interior designer Victor Vasilev it was turned into a beautiful stylish home.

This is one of the most successful solutions on how to reincarnate boring house into a modern place to relax. For this interior Victor Vasilev chose white color on which he based all other design decisions in this house. Simple shapes and soft hidden light present the classical minimalism style at its best.

Best Interior Design in Minimalism Style

Soldati House by BVictor Vasiliev

Solidati House

Besides white color there were used two shades of wood. Light wood was used for the floors and stairs and the dark one for furniture. Black matte color was used as an accent for kitchen set, washbasin, shutters and some other accessories in the veranda and inside the house. These accents bring richness into the interior.

Everything in the house and house itself made of square shapes. Simplicity of clear and precise geometric forms gives the ultramodern look to the house.

Hidden light sources don’t hurt the eyes and facilitates relaxation. The best part in custom-made furniture in this house is a black washbasin; made from a wide piece of stone it has additional functional purpose – it hides mixer tapes perfectly.

There is also a home cinema room with a folding screen and a spa area. A sauna, a big bathtub for four and a massage area were constructed in the basement.

Soldati House is located in Carrara, Tuscany. Mild and sunny Italy climate is another advantage of living in this house. Perfect home to relax with family on vacation.

Victor Vasilev, designer of this interior was born in Bulgaria. He lived in Copenhagen and Israel. Since 2004 he started his own practice and now he lives and works in Milan. He likes simplicity and minimalism. His works are permeated with pithiness and peace.

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