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Naomi Campbell’s House in Russia by Zaha Hadid

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Naomi Campbell’s former groom Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin presented her a house designed by famous Zaha Hadid in Moscow suburbs.

Naomi Campbell’s and Vladislav Doronin’s House in Russia

Naomi Campbell's New House by Zaha Hadid

Naomi Campbell’s New House by Zaha Hadid

It is supposed to be a house where Vladislav and Naomi would live after their wedding, but after they broke up, Vladislav gave this house to Naomi as a gift/token of their friendship.

Zaha Hadid, famous Iraqi-British architect, first woman to receive the Pritzker Architecture Prize, usually creates monumental buildings like Bridge Pavilion, Maggie’s Centre and Contemporary Arts Center. This is her first building in Russia. Her buildings are distinctively futuristic, characterized by the powerful, curvy forms with multiple perspective points and fragmented geometry that evoke the chaos of modern life.

The house commissioned by Doronin displays very futuristic forms and looks like something between a giant spaceship and a submarine. The 22-metre tower in the center provides a beautiful view of the surrounding piney.

The name of the house is Capital Hill Residence. It is 2650 square meters. There is a living room, several bedrooms, three types of sauna: Turkish, Finnish and Russian; gym, meeting room, swimming pool and others.

Realtors say that the value of the house can be estimated around 20 million dollars and the land where the house stands is up to 120 million, located in the Barviha village, elite suburbs near Moscow.

Previously the most beautiful house in Barviha was Russian President’s regency, but from now this honorable title could be given to the Hadid’s project – Capital Hill Residence.

Architect Zaha Khalid gained fame in 2002 when she won the international design competition for Singapore’s one-north masterplan. Nowadays her projects are all over the world: USA, Switzerland, Germany, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Spain and others.

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