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3 Tips for Creating Whoopi Goldberg’s Home Interior

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The Oscar-winning actress and popular anchor of “The View” talk show on American television, Whoopi Goldberg has an apartment in loft style. It has an area of ​​3875 square feet. The apartment occupies the entire floor of the building, where there are many other actors.

How to Create Whoopi Goldberg’s Home Interior Design: 3 Tips

Whoopi Goldberg’s living room

Whoopi Goldberg’s living room

This apartment creates a feeling of vastness with high ceilings, plenty of light and air. This huge space is filled with sweet and favorite things in the ethno-style, giving the apartment a charm of bohemian negligence.

Before the start of an acting career Goldberg lived in a hippie communal apartment, stacked bricks, and was a night watchman. Her current home, despite the abundance of things, furniture, accessories and books, accurately reflects her essence. She feels comfortable here.

The actress has not resorted to the help of designers. She settled everything in the apartment by herself. She created an atmosphere, where everything harmoniously coexists with each other: new and old things or artificially aged materials; different textures – for example, old wood and a glossy sheen of modern high-tech materials of finishes; old masonry, steel, wood, glass.

If you like this apartment of the actress and you would like to arrange your own home in this way, take up the ideas that Goldberg embodied in her home interior.

3 Tips from Whoopi Goldberg:

1. Household appliances with a cold surface of shiny metallic color is ideal for the kitchen in loft-style.

2. Loft-style is often implemented in muffled quiet tones. But if you want to make your home brighter and more expressive, you can use no more than two bright shades.

3. Usually walls in loft-interior are just background for furniture and accessories, therefore, usually it is concrete or brick painted in bright latex paint, mostly white. The ceiling should be painted to match the walls.

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