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Stone Themed Interior Design

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Stones are essential elements of any garden, but what about houses? Have you ever considered using stones in the interior design? It might actually turn out pretty well. Check out some interior design ideas on how to use stone theme house decorations.

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Using Rocks as House Décor

In contemporary interior design nothing gets thrown away, or is treated as trash. Most uncommon and unusual things, like stones from your driveway, or little pebbles you picked up at your last sea time vacation, can be used as a décor for you house. Anything from felt stones to pebbles is becoming the trend in many interior designs.

Are you in need of a small rug to decorate your living room? Use faux pebble stones for rugs. Always wanted a huge art piece on your bedroom wall? Here are big murals made of felt stones. There are tons of ideas on just how to use stones as elements of interior: big pebble covered tables, huge stone clocks and much more.

Stones add some serenity and a sense of wellbeing into your house. They ward off the imperfectness of the conventional designs and complete the picture with natural elements that represent stability, and look pretty exquisite. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new designs and ideas, set yourself free.

Check out the amazing Stone Themed Designs:

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