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Seasonal Decor: Winter

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Winter is a major holiday season but there is still time left before it hits so right we talk a simple winter season makeover rather than holiday home decoration. In some places winters and summer are pretty much alike but in others winters make people wrap into warm clothes and hear their homes. Either way winter decor is not hard to achieve. It’s all about creating the mood.

Seasonal Decor: Winter

Seasonal Ornaments

Look for seasonal features in your climate. It maybe fir or some exotic flower that blossoms in winter. It’s about making winter associations depending on climate you live in. White fluffy textures can make up for lack of snow in case you associate it with winter.

Thus you can make your own seasonal decorations from natural sources like plants, trees and flowers. A bit of handmade can result in many unique decorations.

Warming Up

Warm up with wool bedspreads and winter bed linens. These can keep you warm both night and day. Warm plaids and throw pillows will keep you warm in the living or family room. If you have a fireplace decorate it with fir wreath or cones or lanterns.


There’s no need to change everything. Just a few accents can give the home a makeover and prompt that’s winter season. Rugs, throw pillows, bedspreads, plaids or handmade decorations will suffice.

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