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Holiday Decor: Easter Home Decoration

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Easter is a great holiday, it’s warm, homey and very spring-like. There are many ways to decorate your home for Easter. Easter home decorations are very diverse and can serve in seasonal and everyday decor after the holiday is over. For instance, cute bright tableware and floral table centerpieces are just right for spring seasonal home decor but can also add to the Easter feel.

Holiday Decor: Easter Home Decoration

Easter holiday attributes are Easter bunnies, colored eggs and flowers. The first thing to do for an easy home decoration is to pull out all the bright tableware and such accessories like tablecloth and curtains. This will add spring feel to your home. If you don’t have Easter bunnies you can buy those at the local souvenir shop. These can serve as table centerpiece with a plate or basket of colorful eggs.

If you want a more elaborate Easter home decor you may want to make a wreath for your door or fireplace. For a DIY wreath you may take some fresh or dry flowers, hollow colored egg shells and some twigs. Ribbons, glue and thread will help you in assembling your wreath holding it all together.

Curve some twigs into a circle fix with ribbons or threads and start carefully gluing hollow eggs in various spots. Add some flowers and voila, your Easter wreath is ready. To make some hollow eggs poke a tiny hole in the egg and let the white and egg yolk leak to the bowl. Color the egg shells with any dye or paint as you are not going to eat those anyway.

‘Happy Easter’ garland can be hung at the fireplace. It’s easy to do yourself. Take a white piece of cloth, paint and a template and write ‘Happy Easter’ evenly across it. Add some fresh flowers and the garland’s ready. You can also cut  those letter out of colored paper. It’s a great activity to perform with children who love cutting and drawing stuff.

Another simply great idea of Easter home decoration is to make an egg tree. You can use a branch that looks like a tiny tree and decorate it with paper or hollow eggs. It’s best to make these “eggs” from paper, cloth or yarn as you’ll need many eggs for all the decorations. It’s easy to make you simply hang the eggs to the tree with the sewing thread or ribbon and add colorful bright ribbons to it.

Flowers are, of course, the best decorations. Put them in baskets or vases around the house to get into the spring and Easter mood. By the way, the egg shells can also be used as little candle holders. Put little candles in eggs’ halves as in the picture above. Looks swell!

Easter also implies outdoor decor. But if you don’t want to decorate your lawn with fake colored eggs and cute bunnies you can simply groom it and plant some flowers and tidy up your garden from all the last year’s foliage and junk. Oh, and Happy coming Easter!

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