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Halloween Centerpiece Ideas

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Halloween is soon enough so it’s time to think about how to set the mood for the holiday in the house. Halloween-themed table centerpiece can add even more to the Halloween mood in the house. Centerpiece can be easily made from the things like paper, gauze, paint, old candlesticks and of course gourds. Here are some ideas for making Halloween table centerpiece:

Halloween Centerpiece Ideas


What says Halloween more than a gourd or a group of gourds. Paint scary faces on them or simply arrange them in the center of the table. A gourd can also be used as a vase filled with black dry plants or candy. Little table Jack-O’-Lanterns can also add the right mood to the Halloween table. All these centerpieces are easy to make and you can let your fantasy fly too.

Black Paper

Black paper or white paper and dye allow you to tell a whole story. Sketch a castle or scary tree on the sheet and cut it out. You can fix it to the thick cardboard to make it stand and then add little details to it like bats, spiders and other scary stuff. If you like handmade this will be fun.

Tray of Sweets

Tray of sweets, fruit and nuts preferable black and red or orange can also make a great centerpiece. Add two or three little gourds or candles to it and the effortless and edible centerpiece is ready.


Candles can be easily transformed into a centerpiece. Different sized candles can be grouped together or divided across the table. The candle leaks can be painted red to add spooky feel to them as well as the candlestick can be decorated with gauze and faux spiders, scorpions or other insects.


Even the most plain vase can make a great Halloween centerpiece if you add dried plants and flowers painted black to it. You can also stuff it with candy or jelly worms, peeled grapes or painted gourds and voila the centerpiece is ready. It can be edible, aesthetic or simply scary. Options are limitless.

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