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DIY Jewelry Box Designs

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Every girl should have it – the personal jewelery box. The designs can vary, but a truly unique design can only be handmade and customized. In this post we will learn tips on how to do simple DIY jewelery boxes.

DIY Jewelry Box Design

Handmade jewelry container

Here are some simple tips how to make customized jewelry container. We will focus on the two ways of making this container. Following these easy tips will help you in making your own jewelry container, that suits your taste. It’s fun, creative and hip. Why not try it?

Glass bowl jewelry container is one of the ideas how to store you personal beauty items. To make it customized , you will need safe glass bowl or really any glassy container, Vitrea 16 Glossy ceramic paint by Pebeo, of the color you prefer, paint brushes and an oven. By now you have probably guessed the procedure, you have to paint your glass container, starting from the center to the tops. It doesn’t have to be fully painted. When it dried, you need to bake it in your oven, and after it is over your personalized glass bowl for jewelry is readyfor use.

Another type of jewelry container is pretty original by itself. It is book that is devoid of its content, literally, mod podge, craft glue, fake flowers or any other ornaments, pencil, paintbrush, exacto knife.You will need to cut out the insides of the book with a exacto knife and once it is cut out, start applying the Mod podge as inside and outside of your future jewelry box. Once it is dried up, you can glue the fake flowers, or any decor you chose for the cover. After everything is glued, here you go – your custom jewelry box is ready!

Check out the DIY jewelry box ideas:

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