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Fire Bowls and Installations by Elena Colombo

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Elena Colombo is a sculptor and architectural designer who makes beautiful sculptural fire bowls and installations. Colombo‘s company specializes on site specific work, installations and environmental sculptures. But these fire bowls and fire walls are simply amazing and mind-blowing. Clearly inspired by nature and environment these fire bowls are beautiful works of art. Description from Elena Colombo:

Fire Bowls and Installations by Elena Colombo

I am ever inspired by  the elemental nature of fire, and the primal need we have for it. Fire serves both our need for beauty and our instinct to gather around a warm lighted place; it is a destination wherever it burns. For nearly 700,000 years we have shared food, stories, and experiences around the fire; during the last hundred, we seem to have abandoned the hearth as  the focus of community. I would like to restore the hearth as a ceremonial place and a point of convergence.

The fire bowls aesthetic makes them great home or outdoor decoration. These beautiful sculptural fire bowls operate on gas, propane or wood and can be custom-made though it is not a cheap pleasure. The pieces are made of 10 gauge material and variety of shapes and forms. There are more conservative fire bowls /pits and there are those made in the form of lotus, decorated with stones and made of metal rods.

There are installations that can be built into the walls, ground or the pool and there are those that can be simply stored on a coffee table dividing them into indoor and outdoor types.

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