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Paint Outside The Box

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This hot way of painting will refresh your apartment look in a moment. The most fascinating side of this method is that it brings the new look without painting all walls from floor to ceiling. Paint some areas in whatever shape in a contrasting color and you will see how simple it is to reanimate a boring room.

Another Way to Paint Your Walls

Paint outside the box

Paint outside the box

This yellow square that exactly repeats the shape of the window but is placed a little aside as it someone missed the frame while was intending to paint the window. This brings the mood of a sunny day, especially if you are looking at it with a side vision. Add some other colorful accessories that match the shade of the yellow square and you will wake up in a sunny day no matter the weather outside.

Anther way to bring sun into your room is to paint the sunlight rays with the use of a lighter hue. It is a little more risky solution because it involves not only walls but also a ceiling and maybe doors and furniture, but this childish trick can turn even the strict black-and-white room with old fashoined furniture into something that makes you smile every time you look at it.

You may also paint everything that stands on your way. You can paint not only walls and floors but also the ceiling, windows and whatever else! The same shade looks different on the different textures and it might bring interesting play of color and light.

Remember the lofts where a part of the wall displays a shabby piece of masonry? Get inspired by and just leave a half of your wall unpainted. Soft transition of the contrast colors immediately indicates that this room is for relaxation.

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