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Blue & Orange Color Scheme Ideas

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Blue and orange is an unlikely color combination if you imagine these two contrasting bold colors together. But this very combination can become an unusual fresh color scheme for your interior if you choose the hues right. Orange is a very active color so you may want to use it in accents but there are no restrictions.

Decorating in Blue & Orange

Blue & Orange Color Scheme

Aqua and blue, turquoise and orange

Aqua Blue & Orange

Aqua blue ranges from light to greenish blue so pairing it with bright orange can make for an amazing sunny beach-inspired atmosphere in the room. This is a great coastal color scheme that you can enhance with thematic accessories and decorations.

Light Orange & Royal Blue

Light orange and royal blue is a beautiful color combination that can often be seen in Moroccan style. Add a few pink and red accents to the decor in this color scheme to emphasize the style.

Retro Style Blue & Orange

Turquoise blue and salmon orange is a classic color combination and it can often be seen in retro style interiors but you can definitely use them in modern decor. These are great as accent hues but can be used extensively since they aren’t very bold.

Muted hues can also do the trick for matching these two very different colors. If you really want to use these as main colors in your interior make sure that one of them is lighter shade than the other. Thus it’ll be easier to pair them and use the lighter shade as a primary color for walls and other big surfaces.

Finally, use neutrals to balance out these colors. White and beige will make for lighter warmer color schemes, while grays and browns can be used in modern interiors to make the orange and blue accents stand out.

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