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Adding Detail To Interior Design With Textured Walls

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Textured walls give a more detailed look to the interior and there are different ways of achieving the look you need for your interior design. From wallpaper or wall paint to 3D wall art the wall surface can be changed completely.

Adding Detail To Interior Design With Textured Walls


Wallpaper or even a wall paint can give the walls subtle texture that will not be as visible as for instance 3D wall panels or tiles. Besides a wallpaper can give the walls the needed color and pattern or picture which by itself can be enough.

Ceramic Tiles

Cetamic or 3D tiles/panels can be used to create a more textured look that focuses on redefining the walls’ surface rather than just covers them with the pattern. It is a great way to make the walls look more interesting. Stone is also a good choice for that.

3D Wall Art

3D wall art is a very cool way to add texture to the walls from simple paper flowers to 3D effect murals that can not only decorate the wall but also visually enhance the space.

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    Fantastic ideas and examples. Especially the 3d wall art.

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