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Transform the Look of Your Home with Innovative Lighting

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It was residential lighting designer Randall Whitehead who said, “I like to think of decorative lighting as architectural bling.” When you think about it, we take the time to take care of our appearance, be that in the clothes we wear, the way we style our hair, the jewelry that hangs from our ears or dangles from our necks. Is the way we adorn our home really any different? Our design choices reflect our personality, this is evident not only in our personal style, but in our choice of accent pillows, gilded dinning chairs, and even in the way we lay a throw blanket across our sofa. But what’s the very thing that makes our house shine? The ways in which we use innovative lighting.

Think of the lighting fixtures in your house as each room’s statement piece. They can direct attention to a prized work of art, a resplendent book collection, or a flourishing, budding plant. Lights enrich our lives because they enhance our living space. It’s “the space within [that] becomes the reality of the building.”

Flask Smoke Pendant by Tom Dixon

The Hallway: Tom Dixon

Often overlooked, the hallway of the house acts as the transitional space between rooms. Because the hallway is viewed as a portal, and not a destination, its potential for charm or panache is ignored. But isn’t the concept of the portal usually the most exciting part of any story? It’s the space caught between complacency and adventure, between limitation and fortitude. So shouldn’t your hallway amplify the temperament of your home?

The Flask Smoke Pendant by Tom Dixon acts as an effervescent orb guiding travelers (your guests) to their final destination, be it the bathroom or guest bedroom. Built of two parts, the perfect, spherical, hand-blown glass illuminates your corridor with a soft, radiating LED light. The underside of the sphere mirrors the radiating rings seen in crystalline pools of water, forming waves of light that ripple haloed shadows as the light streams through the textured pedestal.

The Bathroom: Hinkley Lighting

We use the bathroom on a daily basis. It’s where we practice good hygiene and prepare ourselves for the day ahead. The bathroom too, is the space where we see ourselves clearest, and looking at ourselves in the mirror, we decide what face and attitude we’re going to put forward in the world.

As the bathroom is an area where we spend a good deal of our time, it should be designed to take advantage of flow and function. To help make the bathroom a brighter and better place, the Latitude LED Bath Bar designed by Hinkley Lighting uses straight lines and environment friendly light to cast a naturally bright shine in the space. With its broad, rectangular silhouette creating the ideal design accent for your contemporary bathroom, the bathroom isn’t just a place to wash your hands and fiddle with toiletries; it’s a place where you can take a long soak in the tub and bathe in the glow of soft light.

The Bedroom: Cerno

Our houses are made up of a series of rooms, and its “architecture is basically the design of [its] interiors, [it’s] the art of organizing interior space.” To use our space most efficiently, we must design it in such a way as best incorporates what we desire in our lifestyles: be that fun, excitement, thrills or sensuality. The bedroom is our refuge; it’s where we sleep and dare to dream. Taking care of its design is crucial to maintaining our own happiness. Have you ever walked into your bedroom and upon noticing the bed was unmade instantly felt your mood diminish?

Maybe we’re uninspired to make the bed because we don’t see the point. It’s going to be slept in again night after night, and our bedroom is just a place to lay our heads. But it doesn’t have to be. Our bedrooms are where we have our most intimate of moments, where conversations take breadth and ideas are explored. To shine a light on the space, innovative lighting is required to cultivate our use and experience of the space. Cerno’s Cubo LED Sconce was the 2010 LED award winner for Best Luminaire for Public Use Interior. Built to order, the sconce has a solid walnut base and a polymer shade that stores its ambient light directly behind it. With its extendable aluminum arm you can adjust its lighting effects and manipulate the space, creating for a cozy, friendly or bright atmosphere. Light doesn’t just reflect by surfaces, it reflects our needs, fears and dreams.

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