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Top 5 Most Weird Teapots

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Care for some tea? Perhaps these awesome designer teapots would stir your thirst? This post is all about most weirdest and cute teapots. Join us, for a mad tea party!

Designer Teapots

Designer Teapots

Any housekeeper has this amazing kitchen appliance, a teapot!. Few of course drink tea, and much more have coffee machines, but teapots are far beyond their use. They add style into your kitchen and dictate the fashion to your cupboard and cups. This post will introduce you to the worlds’ most cute and weird tea pot designs.

1. Pisa Tower Teapot

Designer Teapots

The first in our list is the amazing teapot shaped like an always falling Pisa tower. This unique construction incorporates the two cups and a little teapot, when organized as a tower. It is both cute and weird. Two questions come to your mind, the everlasting one of the Pisa tower, how come it is not falling, and second – how do the construction hold together?

2. One Kettle

Designer Teapots

The One Kettle looks like an ordinary jar, but when you put it on your stove – the blue flowery pattern begin to appear. Designed by Vessel Ideation, Inc, this teapot is perfect addition to your kitchen table. It has tiny cups with the same pattern to the collection.

3. Zygo Teapot

Designer Teapots

This awesome futuristic teapot design is introducing ceramic frame that holds the steel sphere. The design is absolutely stunning, with awesome black and white palette. the ceramic embraces the steel sphere and has a very convenient holder. The zygo teapot is a truly unique futuristic addition to your kitchen.

4. Sorapot Teapot

Designer Teapots

This teapot’s look varies depending on the degree from which you look at it. Designed by Joey Roth, this teapot introduces the architectural context to your kitchen. It looks like metallic and glass mass construction in miniature.

5. Double Spout Teapot

Designer Teapots

This teapot looks absolutely ordinary, except that it has two spouts. Decorated with a branch with lovely red flowers, this teapot has an amazing quality of pouring tee to two cups simultaneously. This teapot is perfect for those who love tea and will be a romantic addition to your kitchen.

Check other weird teapot designs:

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